7 Feb 2019

Blind Date with a Book 2019

This month we are offering all readers the chance to have a blind date with a book. 
Around the Library you will find books wrapped in brown paper with three carefully selected key words to give you an idea about your future read. Once you have found a book that takes your fancy, simply borrow it from the Library Desk. It may be a match made in heaven, or one best forgotten, just make sure to give us some feedback. You can do this by filling out the review slip found in the cover of your book. You can also pick these slips up from a Librarian. The best review will win a prize.

Blind Date with a Book is a popular event across libraries. We are often swayed by book covers that catch our eye. These give us an indication of the type of book we could read. However, a cover that sparks little interest could be holding a story that is just what you have been looking for. This event hopes to encourage readers to look past the cover, learn the importance of key words for library searches and maybe even find your perfect literary match.
Miss Gibbs